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Acryl2000 Thermoforming

Experience and professionalism for over forty years


About us

The  Battistel family, owners of the  Acryl 2000 Thermoforming company

has been in the vacuum-sealed thermo-forming sector and in the production of  moulds for plastic materials for over forty years. During all this time, we have not only developed a great experience and competence but moreover we have also created an important quantity of thermo-formed products used in the most various fields. Today our company Acryl 2000 Thermoforming adds all the above to a slender, flexible structure equipped of various thermo-forming presses covering from small to big dimensions and edging processors to be able to satisfy the requests of all our customers in brief and set timings, as we continuously seeking excellence in the quality of the characteristics, this is a guarantee to a high production at a constantly competitive cost, in the total respect for our environment without production waste as all the material left behind is completely recycled, following the client from the project to the production of the moulds and samples, and onto the production line, for all the industrial branches, in particular for the artificial ice production industry, for the office, home and hotel facilities, for business centres, for the automotive sectors, medical facilities, moreover the naval, railway and advertising fields etc.